Hiring in India has been the trend in the last few years. Companies around the world are now looking forward to an Indian workforce there. India has become a booming economy, and you just must recognize the number of skilled professionals it has to offer. If you are considering whether hiring in India is the way to go, then we have it sorted out for you here.


As per a recent survey, India ranked as one of the top hiring destinations in the globe. A population of 1.3 billion with a maximum young workforce makes this country quite an attractive destination for recruiters. Organizations around the world have seen the potential Indian candidates carry with some of the examples like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, and more.


But, the question still lies in what benefits hiring in India brings into play. This is why Avyenter is here to help you out. Below, we are going to discuss 10 exciting perks that come along with the Indian candidates. 

1. Time Zone Advantage

The primary advantage of hiring from India is that you will have a staff that is flexible and works on your timetable. The Eastern and Western hemispheres are the reference points for Indian time zones. This implies that talented workers can do tasks for you during regular business hours. This makes it possible for activities to run smoothly and communication to remain uninterrupted. Engineering, marketing, finance, and other industries can all benefit from hiring in India.

2. Access To A Diverse Talent Pool: 

Having access to a talent pool of different skilled members that meet your standards is another potential benefit of hiring in India. There are always plenty of skills available in India with a greater number of talented youths. People with specialised knowledge and abilities abound in this nation. You can be sure that this is the best place to locate the right applicant, regardless of industry. 


According to a survey, 15 lakh engineers graduate in India every year out of which only 3 lakh students land relevant jobs. Thus, this demonstrates that this nation can help various industries because it offers a variety of people with a broader scope of skills. 

3. Cost Effectiveness and Competitive Rates

One of the main reasons businesses choose to hire in India, aside from the abundance of highly skilled labour there, is the expense. Recruiting workers in India is far less expensive than recruiting workers in North America, Europe, or the United States. 


The average monthly compensation for a DevOps engineer in the US is roughly $10,000. In the US, the average monthly compensation for a marketing manager is USD 6200.


Minimal training expenses present another chance for firms to cut expenditures. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on lengthy, costly onboarding training for new employees because India is home to tremendous IT expertise and web developers. It is crucial to remember that a lower income does not always translate into worse-quality work. You don’t have to forgo expertise in favour of profit when you employ a group of software engineers from India. 

4. Language Ability

India has 2 official languages, one being English. As you can imagine most of the Indians speak English, and many of them are bilingual. It’s actually among the world’s largest English-speaking nations. This level of language competency facilitates smoother communication and enhanced teamwork between all company departments. A study says that one in five persons in India can speak English and India is known as the second largest English-speaking country. Furthermore, a remote workplace that is primarily English-speaking is happier and more engaging.


5. India Provides an Original View

Understanding, adaptation, and communication are always respected in India’s dynamic culture. Businesses can have smooth dealings, quality customers, and healthier workspace by hiring workers in India. Furthermore, candidates from India contribute fresh viewpoints that support one’s ability to be innovative and solve problems. Hiring in India essentially increases the company’s capacity for innovation. 

6. Experience with International Business Processes

A large number of Indian candidates have previous experience working for multinational corporations and are knowledgeable about international business processes. They are therefore strongly suited for jobs requiring cultural comprehension and communication. Indian candidates are experienced with handling heavy workloads and functioning in hectic workplaces. They are better at successfully managing their time to meet deadlines without compromising quality.

7. Expanding Your Business in Asian Market: 

Expanding to India helps you tap into the Asian market. Hiring a team there makes it easier to connect with clients and elevate the business scenario. It also builds cultural understanding, positioning your business to grow and succeed in emerging markets with a skilled local team.

8. Profound Work Ethic, Commitment and Trust: 

Indian candidates are known for their dedication, commitment, and determination to their work. They are always willing to spend hours and come out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals. Employers can rely on them to deliver high-quality work consistently. India is home to a large number of highly skilled professionals across various industries. Employers can benefit from hiring in India to gain true specialised skills and expertise in certain areas. 


9. Adaptability Towards Culture: 

Hiring in India can offer cultural adaptability and flexibility. India is a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage, and Indian candidates are often exposed to various cultures and perspectives from a very young age. This allows them to easily change to dynamic work environments and collaborate effectively with colleagues from different backgrounds. Their ability to understand diversity and work well in multicultural teams can be a valuable asset for businesses.


Making Hiring Easy with Avyenter!

Hiring in India provides employers and organisations with many benefits. But, with Avyenter, it doesn’t have to be a challenging or tedious process. With the help of an Employer of Record, like Avyenter, hiring in India will be a smooth and easy process. 


Avyenter helps in the process of Employer of Record (EOR) and we take care of everything right from managing payrolls to handling legal documents. You can happily focus on your business, by assigning all the hiring process tasks to us!

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