Are you scaling your business and expanding your team to India? If yes, you have made the right decision. 


India is growing fast and could become one of the top three biggest economies in the world in the next 10-15 years. This is because India has a strong democracy and collaborates well with other countries. Many companies from other countries are starting their businesses in India because the Indian government is helping them with programs like Make in India and Digital India.


You need to know where to find the right people, understand the rules and laws, and find the best service amongst employer of record (EOR) companies. Exploring international HR strategies, including understanding work authorization in India, can give unique challenges. Addressing employee welfare during the international recruitment process is crucial for successful global expansion. 


This guide will help you figure out how to find the right people, follow the rules, and create a good work environment in India for your business. 


The Guide to Build Your Team in India

Building a team in India is a strategic move with immense potential for your business growth. As a scaling company, you may not find time to do all the legal operations yourself. It can disturb the schedule of your core functions. 


To aid you in this journey there are more Employer of Record (EOR) services and Outsourcing agencies. But, choosing the best one of them can be tricky. To choose the right service, you need to be clear with the process of building your own team in India. 


Here are the 8 tips to build your team in India: 


1. Define the requirements 


  • Identify Roles: Begin by outlining the specific roles and positions you need to fill. Clearly define the responsibilities and skills required for each role.


  • Cultural Fit: Consider cultural fit along with technical skills. Understanding Indian work culture and values will help in building a cohesive team. Employer of Record Companies like Avyenter help you to conduct thorough background checks to verify the identity, education, and employment history of each candidate.

2. Explore Talent Sources


  • Job Portals: Platforms like Indeed, and LinkedIn are popular for posting job listings and finding talent in India.


  • Recruitment Agencies: Engage with reputable recruitment agencies that specialize in your industry to tap into their networks and expertise. 


  • Employer of Record (EOR)/ Team Building Services: Companies like Avyenter offer Employer of Record (EOR) services and manage a full employee lifecycle like recruitment, onboarding, engagement, payroll, dedicated admin, and HR. If you want to outsource the entire team-building process, you can approach the best agencies. 


3. Conduct Effective Interviews

  • Structured Interviews: Develop a set of standardized interview questions tailored to each role to ensure consistency and fairness in the hiring process.


  • Technical Assessments: Administer technical assessments or assignments to evaluate candidates’ skills and abilities accurately.


4. Understand Legal and Compliance Aspects

  • Employment Laws: Familiarize yourself with Indian employment laws, including regulations related to wages, working hours, and benefits. Employer of Record risks should also be mitigated. 


  • Visa and Work Permits: If hiring foreign nationals, ensuring compliance with visa and work permit requirements outlined by Indian immigration authorities is very important. Use Employer of Record Indian companies to take care of all the permits and documents.  


  • Data Protection: Understand data protection and privacy regulations to safeguard sensitive information collected during the hiring process. Employer of Record (EOR) Services makes it easy for you to handle all the regulatory issues. 


5. Establish Communication Channels

  • Virtual Communication Tools: Utilize Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Slack for seamless communication and collaboration with your Indian team.


  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of cultural nuances in communication styles and preferences. Encourage open dialogue and create an inclusive environment for all team members. 


6. Payroll Management


  • Employer of Record EOR Services Payroll Management: Managing payroll in India involves understanding local tax regulations, salary structures, and compliance requirements. It’s essential to establish clear payroll processes, including timely payment of salaries, deductions for taxes and benefits, and adherence to statutory obligations like Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI).


  • Usage of Payroll Software: Using payroll software can streamline calculations and ensure accuracy. Regularly review and update payroll policies to align with changes in regulations and business needs, fostering transparency and trust among employees.


7. Provide Ongoing Support and Development

  • Training Sessions: Supporting and developing your Indian team involves investing in their growth and well-being. Offer regular training sessions to enhance skills and knowledge, promoting career advancement opportunities within the organization. 


  • Mentorship Programs: Provide mentorship programs and coaching to help employees overcome challenges and achieve their potential. Encourage open communication channels for feedback and support. 


  • Rewards: Recognize and reward achievements to motivate team members and reinforce their contributions to the company’s success.


8. Make a Positive Work Environment

  • Trust & Respect: Creating a positive work environment in India involves fostering a culture of collaboration, respect, and inclusivity. Encourage teamwork through team-building activities and cross-functional projects. 


  • Embrace Diversity: Celebrate cultural diversity by organizing events and acknowledging different traditions and holidays. By prioritizing employee happiness and satisfaction, you can cultivate a productive and engaged workforce in India.


  • Work-life Balance: Implement flexible work arrangements and recognize individual preferences to accommodate personal needs and preferences. Promote work-life balance initiatives to support employee well-being and reduce stress. 

Building Your Own Team in India with Avyenter

With Avyenter as your trusted partner, building and managing your dream team in India becomes a hassle-free experience. Let us handle the details while you focus on achieving your business goals and driving growth. Here is the unique selling 5-step process:


  1. Understanding: We start by understanding your requirements and expectations through an initial meeting to ensure alignment.
  2. Agreement: Based on our discussions, we draft a comprehensive contract outlining the agreed-upon terms and services.
  3. Execution: Our team, along with our partnered agencies, sources and evaluates potential candidates to match your needs and culture.
  4. Preparation: We procure the necessary equipment and workspace, ensuring that everything is set up for a smooth start. 
  5. Onboarding: Filtered candidates are presented to you for the final decision, after which our specialized HR team conducts a dedicated onboarding process to ensure a warm welcome and seamless integration into your team.


This process also includes Employer of Record (EOR) Services, Tax and Payroll management, Curated Benefits Package and HR Guidance Documentation. 



At Avyenter, we understand the challenges of establishing a team in a new country, which is why we offer a range of services to support your journey. From Employer of Record (EOR) basic plans to customizable add-ons, our comprehensive offerings ensure that every aspect of your team’s lifecycle is managed efficiently and effectively. 


Get in touch with us and let’s discuss how you can build your team in India with the top-quality Employer of Record (EOR) Services.

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